Who’s an invertebrate?

February 17, 2015

An invertebrate is somebody with no backbone.

Wait, who you callin’ spineless? I’m happy as a clam!

Yes, for example, a clam is an invertebrate. As are many other squishy aquatic creatures, like  the 30 foot long ocean worms! Yikes! So are octopods and squids. The mighty Kraken!

Insects are also invertebrates, as are spiders, and those wild scorpion creatures!


You might notice a pattern here—many invertebrates, especially aquatic ones, like the magnificent octopus and kin, may have no hard structure at all.

Others often have external support systems, like shells in mollusks, or the exoskeletons surrounding insects and Transformers. Especially desert creatures, who like a bit more protection from the elements.

And by the way, when you think of spineless jokes? Just remember, it’s probably good form to be polite. Especially about invertebrates. Remember, there are way way more kinds of them than there are of us bony beasts. And way way way more individuals!

And some of them bite or sting! No way!

And some of them look so amazing they will knock your socks off!

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